Presentations @ the ICAVTEN - 2018

All accepted papers must be presented at the conference venue. The conference will not accept no show.  The presentations at the conference are strictly based on PowerPoint. So, authors of accepted papers are required to prepare their slide for presentations. The facilities required for slide and remote presentations will be provided at the conference venue.  The presentations at the conference are in three different forms:

1. Physical: Physical presentation at the conference parallel technical sessions using slides.Tutorials on how to prepare PowerPoint slides can be found in Youtube.  Your slides should be more of images than text in line with current global best practice. There shall be not more than 15 slides for presentation

2. Remote Presentation: Any author that cannot appear physically at the conference for presentation based on justifiable reason can be accorded with the opportunity to present his/her paper virtually. However, the author must get prior approval from the conference committee at least two weeks before the conference date through the contact us provided in the website main menu. The author that intend to present virtually must have a Skype ID and TeamViewer. In case the author doesn’t have Skype account and TeamViewer, follow this link to get Skype ID and click here to download TeamViewer and install on your computer.

3. Pre-recorded Slides & Video slides:
Any author with trustworthy justification can request for pre-recorded or video slides presentation at least two weeks before the conference date. Refer to this link on how to prepare pre-recorded slides and also this link on how to prepare video slides.

Certificate of presentation will be issued to only authors that presented papers while certificate of participation will be issued to participants.